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Take a minute and find out about the history of Bubbaview and a little about the ladies who will take care of you. 

About us

We are an enthusiastic, professional and passionate team who's aim is to provide a relaxing experience where parents can take time to bond with their baby in our friendly environment away from the hospital. We provide non-diagnostic scans which are designed to give parents the opportunity to meet their baby. We use the latest technology to provide truly magical still and moving images, not possible during routine NHS antenatal care. The scans are elective and require no referral from a GP or midwife, allowing us to provide the reassurance and bonding with your baby at a time that suits you.

The Bubbaview story and introducing Claire.

For returning customers you will remember the original Bubbaview in Grinsted lane where the Bubbaview story started on the 27/6/17. Run by the lovely Jacqui, Kate and there family. They built the business up receiving 5 star reviews from customers on a daily basis. There out going friendly ways and the family environment put customers at ease and made it the place locally to get your scans done. Working from a studio in their garden they built a reputation any business would be proud of. Unfortunately the restrictions of opening hours mixed with work and family life meant they had to make a decision on the companies future and decided to move on to pastures new. So in early 2019 the business went up for sale and as you can guess the rest is history as we have now taken over the running of Bubbaview.

The transition period was hard work but fun as Claire looked to take the reins. The middle part of 2019 was an extremely busy time finding the shop, training and setting everything up to CQC standards. Both Jacqui and Kate where amazing working with Claire showing her the way the business runs as well as training so Claire can keep up the high standards already set by the previous regime.

With a lot of hard work the shop was ready to open on the 26/8/19.


Meet the Owner...

Hi I'm Claire after leaving school in 1998 I went on to further education and studied childhood studies. I qualified with my BTEC in Childhood Studies and over the next few years I worked within a boarding school as a nanny, day nurseries as a nursery nurse, room leader, and deputy manager I then worked abroad for a few months running the under 5's Kids Club in a hotel in Turkey. I then moved on to work within maternity on a post natal ward in and the community in 2 different hospital trusts. I have worked within maternity and NICU for over 10 years within the local NHS hospitals and I loved it. I immensely enjoyed supporting families and the babies and really missed it when I moved on to fostering. I am so pleased I have had the opportunity to return to working alongside clients and families during their pregnancy journey. I am looking forward to working with families introducing them to their baby and giving families the opportunity to spend time with and bond with their baby. I am excited for the future!

Bubbaview is a family run Business and I could not have done this without the support of my wonderful family and friends.  


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Bubbaview is CLOSED until further notice due to National Lockdown. Bubbaview is a Non-Medical scanning company and therefore classed as a Non-Essential business.


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