Seeing Is Believing

Take a second to think about being able to see your baby in true to life form and capture images of your babies face months before your due…….

For many years your first real photos of your baby started the day they where born with the exception of a black and white ultrasound image from the NHS, but things have changed and the latest ultrasound technology from USA is taking the UK by storm. Ask anyone who has had or seen a scan in HD Live and they will confirm that the difference in image quality and detail is second to none hence giving you an experience like no other. HDLive is the latest and most impressive development in ultrasound technology ever. It allows you to see your baby in amazing detail including arms, legs, fingers and even the possibility of facial expressions. The realistic skin tone further enhanced by a movable light source adding light and shade to your babies face,

These life-like pictures will take your Breath away!!! HD Live images can only be captured by modern GE Voluson ultrasound equipment, and you will find that not all private scan clinics will have this facility. At Bubbaview we pride ourselves on our 3d/4d HD live scans. We love to showcase this amazing technology, and bring you even closer to your unborn baby.

Visit our Studio today to see for yourself and experience the difference.

Seeing is Believing

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