GBS Home Testing Kits

ONLY £50

Bubbaview are now selling Group B Strep (GBS) Home Testing Kits from STREP B SURE by Trimester 


GBS can be passed from mother to baby during labour. The infection is best detected between week 35 and 37 of pregnancy. The test should be taken as soon as possible to ensure the results are available before going into labour. For ladies with a positive result, preventative antibiotics can be given via drip during labour. As a precaution after birth, extra observation may be required for baby. 

What will the test involve?

The test pack includes 2 swabs. You need to collect one swab from the vagina and one swab from the rectum. 

After packaging them up and sending them off in the envelope included, the results are analysed and made available to you via email approximately 2-3 working days following receipt of the sample at the laboratory.

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GBSS is a charity dedicated to working to stop Group B Strep infections.

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