BubbaView Privacy Policy

BubbaView is fully committed to respecting the privacy of our customers. Your privacy and trust is important to our success as a business. How we collect, store and use the information we gather about our customers and prospects will be continually assessed against new technologies, business practices, and our customers’ changing needs.

  • Types of information we collect

  • Uses of the information collected

  • Credit card and financial information storage

  • Cookies

  • Session ID

  • GDPR


Types of information we collect

There are two types of information gathered on our web sites;

  • Quantitative data, which is gathered through general Web logs (Google Analytics and Wordpress Jetpack), contains only aggregate information on what pages visitors access.

  • Individual data is collected via Web forms, including our Feedback Form, scan booking and other similar forms. We use Wix and Wix Commerce for taking bookings. Their privacy policy is here


Uses of the information collected

We do not disclose your information to anyone outside BubbaView Services except:

  • where we have your permission; or

  • where we are required or permitted to do so by law; or

  • to other companies who provide a service to us or/for you

  • where we may transfer rights and obligations under this agreement

Personal information submitted via our web based request or application forms is collected for the purpose of fulfilling information requests and providing services only.

From time to time we may contact you via email with offers and promotions that we think may be of interest. Users may request not to receive marketing emailings at any time by contacting BubbaView at enquiry@bubbaview.co.uk

Credit card and financial information storage

We use PayPal for online transactions. You can view their up-to-date privacy policy here

and Wix Commerce for credit and debit cards. You can view their up-to-date privacy policy here


Our website uses cookies for the purpose of booking a scan (maintaining a store cart) and for monitoring traffic to the site using tools such as Google Analytics

Session ID

All our online applications use session ID’s. A session ID is a unique identifier in the form of a hash generated function that is sent from a secure server to a client to identify the current interaction session. The reason session ID are used is that the client only has to handle the identifier (a small piece of data which is otherwise meaningless and thus presents no security risk) – all session data is stored on a secure server linked to that identifier.


In line with new GDPR legislation, we will, upon request provide you a copy of all personal information we hold, digitally or physically.

We will delete or anonymise all personal details we hold about you upon request.

We will also delete all personal data after 12 months of the date the scan was performed. This will include removal of files from the scanning machine, booking details from the booking system and names from our accounting system.

The only exception to this is that we retain the signed waiver for 6 years following a scan for the purpose of proof of contract for use in any legal dispute. These waivers are stored in a secure and locked cabinet.