Scan Preparation

What can I do to prepare for my scan....

So you've  booked your appointment at Bubbaview and your counting down the days to your private pregnancy scan. Maybe your coming for a reassurance (peek-a-view) or your going to find out the gender of your little bundle of joy or even see your little super star in the making in 3D/4D. Amongst all the excitement, it may be easy to forget that there are some important but simple things that you can do to prepare for your scan and most importantly help you get the most out of your scan at Bubbaview.

Staying hydrated is the key to a good scan and not just for your scan but the whole of your pregnancy.

The recommended daily fluid intake per day while pregnant is 1.5-2 litres. Being hydrated aids the renewal of amniotic fluid and assists in kidney and liver function and so much more. Increasing your fluid intake the week before your scan is essential, It can increase the fluid levels around your baby and that helps to get better clarity during your scan and improve your experience, this also helps to get better scan photos and better HD video quality from your scan.

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